Our History

MCDC Old Logo

Michigan Community Dental Clinics (MCDC) was founded in 2006 by partnering with a health department in Northern Michigan. MCDC was founded with a broadened business goal of providing consulting services in dental practice management and assisting in the development of dental clinics beyond Northern Michigan, by partnering with multiple public health departments, to open locations and provide dentistry services throughout the State.

In 2007 MCDC reorganized into a nonprofit entity which continued to focus on partnering with public health departments throughout the State. Generally speaking, these partnerships consisted of the health departments providing the clinic facility, some support operations and partnering on some expenses while MCDC focused on providing equipment, recruiting and the management of staff and most administrative needs (patient services center, billing, finance, HR, IT, etc.).

In addition to partnerships with public health departments, MCDC began to selectively acquire a few dental practices starting in 2015. This concept expanded the patient population being treated in these established dental practices and allowed us to more quickly care for the underserved population.

At the beginning of 2016, and primarily in recognition of our potential expansion outside the State of Michigan, we dropped “Michigan” from our name and changed it to My Community Dental Centers which allowed us to retain the MCDC initials for continuity. During 2017 we reached the milestone of providing excellent care to over 100,000 patients annually.

Toward the end of 2017, the health department in Northern Michigan announced that they would like to expand into more of a full-service health center beyond just dental services performed within the dental centers that were in partnership with MCDC. As a result, the health department announced that within a year they would be operating the eight (8) original centers with no assistance from MCDC. Both organizations continued to work in the best interest of the patients during the transition.

As of February of 2019, MCDC operates thirty-four (34) centers throughout Michigan along with the administrative office located in Petoskey, Michigan. There are approximately 350 MCDC colleagues working hard every day to help bring great quality care to our patients.

We are recognized as one of the largest non-profit dental providers in the country and have received multiple awards and recognitions for our successful business model and mission of delivering exceptional patient care.